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Black Swan (2010) Director: Darren Aronofsky

Escape from New York (1981) Director: John Carpenter

The Resident (2011) Director: Antti Jokinen

Inception (2010) Director: Christopher Nolan

The Fighter (2010) Director: David O.Russell

Prince of Darkness (1987) Director: John Carpenter

Cloverfield (2008) Director: Matt Reeves

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) Director: Paul W.S Anderson

Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) - is it safe for us to consume?

Jackass 3D (2010) Director: Jeff Tremaine

Martyrs (2008) Director: Pascal Laugier

The Three Amigos (1986) Director: John Landis

We Bought a Zoo trailer online at Apple

Twilight: Breaking Dawn - new trailer

Cemetery Junction (2010) Directors: Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

RIP Andy Whitfield (1972 - 2011)

Whatever Works (2009) Director: Woody Allen

Beetlejuice returns!

An Education (2009) Director: Lone Scherfig

Inbetweeners breaks box office comedy records in UK

Centurion (2010) Director: Neil Marshall

Empire Big Screen

The Devil's Double (2011) Director: Lee Tamahori

Piranha (2010) Director: Alexandre Aja

Sex and the City 2 (2010) Director: Michael Patrick King

Bridesmaids (2011) Director: Paul Feig

The Crazies (2010) Director: Breck Eisner

American Psycho (2000) Director: Mary Harron

Horsemen (2009) Director: Jonas Åkerlund

Star Trek (2009) Director: J.J Abrams

The A-Team (2010) Director: Joe Carnahan

Salt (2010) Director: Phillip Noyce

Jackass Number Two (2006) Director: Jeff Tremaine

Predators (2010) Director: Nimród Antal

Ryan Dunn (1977 - 2011)

Milk (2008) Director: Gus Van Sant

The Card Player (2004) Director: Dario Argento

The Human Centipede II banned by the BBFC

The Shining (1980) Director: Stanley Kubrick