Jackass 3D (2010) Director: Jeff Tremaine

Watching Jackass 3D is even more poignant after Ryan Dunn's death this year - it's a welcome return for the merry pranksters and an apt time for them to exploit the popularity of 3D, yet sadly Jackass 3(D) just isn't as funny as all of their previous stunts and idiotic escapades.

Maybe it's because they're all starting to look a bit old, maybe it's because we know that they are super rich and famous, maybe it's because they've run out of ideas, but Jackass 3(D) just doesn't have that element of surprise, outrage and humour which we've seen in the two previous movies and their TV programmes.

Sure, we have some brilliant stuff here still; 'Sweat Cocktail' has a naked Preston Lacy wrapped in clingfilm at the gym, whilst his sweat is filtered off and Steve-O drinks a cup of it, 'The Lamborghini Tooth Pull' has a unique solution for Ehren "Danger" McGhehey's toothache, and 'Poo Cocktail Supreme' is the ultimate Jackass gross-out. Whilst I LOL'd my way through one and two no problem, I found the laughs were quite short on number 3 - there was a hell of a lot of just jumping into stuff, and not much of the 'new' or outrageous.

I also have a problem with 3D movies transferring to the small screen - there's lot of things coming 'atcha (I kind of wish I'd experienced Chris Pontius's 'Heli-cockter' in 3D), which look a bit duff on television but I'm sure looked brilliant on the big screen. And that's where Jackass is a huge success - as an 'event', something to be experienced in a large group. I saw the first one in a movie theater in New York in 2002 and the audience went wild. I'm sure Jackass 3D went down a lot better in the cinema. Laughter is contagious and it would have been fun to have seen this with lots of other people, with my 3D goggles on.

3/5 ticket stubs (probably going up to 4/5 in 3D at a cinema)