The Human Centipede II banned by the BBFC

I'm a fan of a good film banning - I'm a child of the video nasty - so I was intrigued to hear today that the BBFC have banned the sequel to 2010's infamous and scatastic The Human Centipede, by cowboy-hat wearing Director Tom Six.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) is actually a bloody good horror movie, which surprised me. It has PLOT, it is well-made, it features genuine terror, gross-out, black comedy and some emotional scenes. Tom Six wants to be famous and he's onto a winner - he can make films and will go onto bigger and better things. Like a twenty-person human centipede. Has he now blown his chances at the big-time?

Six released a teaser trailer for The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) soon after the cult of the Human Centipede was boosted by chinese whispers on its depravity via social media channels. In it, Six walks around a badly-lit parking lot and introduces us to 'Martin', a man wearing a cardboard box on his head, the 'sickest bastard' we would come to encounter. Martin is not a terrifying name. Little did we know what Mr Six had planned - but we were warned. He had, after all, stated that the first film was 'My Little Pony' compared to what was coming.

So, the BBFC have banned UK distribution of Full Sequence due to it being 'sexually violent and potentially obscene'. Apparently, Six films via the perspective of us as the protagonist, being sexually aroused by the idea of a human centipede and masturbating to the first film with some sandpaper. As you do. 'Martin', I guess, then creates his own hyper-centipede, becoming sexually aroused by the degradation, humiliation, torture and murder of his victims. In one scene, whilst people poo into one another's mouths, Martin puts barbed wire around his penis and rapes the woman at the end of the centipede. Yeah, I'm kind of with the BBFC on that one.

I bet Six is over-joyed at this adverse publicity. However, what I think he is really trying to achieve with Full Sequence is a comment on humanity and the people who watch his films. You watched The Human Centipede out of curiosity, out of a desire to see people doing this to each other. That makes us all Martin, right?

Or he's just a sick f**k.