The Crazies (2010) Director: Breck Eisner

The Crazies is a stylish, bleak, apocalyptic movie - a re-telling of Romero's 1973 film. It's genuinely horrific and un-settling, with the sleepy town of Ogden Marsh, Pierce County, having its water supply accidentally infected with a virus from a biological weapon.

The Crazies isn't an easy ride. Protagonist David (Timothy Olyphant), the local sheriff, has to shoot a friend - Rory (Mike Hickman) - who strays onto a baseball pitch with a rifle pointed at him. David then notices other townsfolk going into the same unresponsive, zombie-like state of Rory before they descend into murderous behaviour, a man setting fire to his house with his wife and child trapped inside.

There are some big 'jump' moments and the pitchfork scene is particularly grim. The lead characters are likeable and there's no relief from the relenting doom. Women and children do not get spared. No-one gets spared. This is a film with a high body count. Literally, a whole town.

It's a decent enough horror remake but there is something missing - it could have been more frightening; more bleak. It's made for a 15 audience, if made for 18 arguably it could have been so much better.

The last scene does not leave you with hope or happiness. Be prepared!