Jackass Number Two (2006) Director: Jeff Tremaine

As a fitting tribute to Ryan Dunn, I thought it would be apt to watch a Jackass movie. I was in New York when the first film was released and had a great experience watching it late night in a movie theatre with HUGE audience participation. It's dumb...it's silly...but it's very, very funny.

Have you ever wanted to see a man drink stallion semen? How about taking a ride in a 'bee limo'? (believe me, it does what is says on the tin) What about putting a fish hook through your mouth, then dive with sharks? Do you have a perverse desire to do a poo in a doll's house? This, and much, much more, is explored in the depraved depths of Jackass 2.

It's low-brow but what makes Jackass work is the camaraderie between the Jackass crew - led on by Johnny Knoxville, Dunn, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Wee Man, Chris Pontius, et al, are tighter than tight and extremely fond of each other, despite the torture and intense cruelty. Seeing a man set himself up to fall over and hurt himself is extremely hilarious. But even funnier when his friends are laughing at him. Dunn's demise, drink-driving or not, is even more heart-breaking with such a tight knit group of friends and it is strange to watch him hurt himself on purpose here, knowing what was in store for him at the end of his life. Still, he looks GREAT and makes us all laugh very much so he will be remembered positively for that.

Critics hate Jackass - even if it makes them laugh, they can't be seen to be endorsing it. What we have here though is modern day, extreme Buster Keaton (in fact, Knoxville does a homage to Keaton in the end credits) - Keaton meets Metallica. Keaton meets Motorhead. Keaton meets ROCK N ROLL. This is why Jackass is far superior to any of of its imitators - these guys are hot rock 'n' rollers, who did it fast, furious and more metal than any others. Note Henry Rollins driving jeep in original Jackass movie, whilst Steve-O gets tattooed.

If you don't laugh at this, you are likely to not have any sense of humour whatsoever. Don't be afraid to laugh, join the gang. Be part of it. From the safety of your own sofa.