Salt (2010) Director: Phillip Noyce

If you can get around the ridiculous 'Lee Harvey Oswald was a Russian sleeper agent' plotline, Salt is actually a very highly energised and captivating action film. Angelina Jolie plays CIA agent Evelyn Salt, and to reveal anything else would be really to give the game away. The film's poster 'Who is Salt?' sums this up - this is a film of intrigue and twists and turns; you don't know who is genuine and who is hiding their true identity. It's very clever - you think things are being missed out of the plot but they are returned to later on in the movie (watch out for the spider). Jolie puts in a convincing performance as Salt - a role once linked to Tom Cruise, which is more suited to a strong, female lead. She can do innocent, she can do menancing...and she can certainly pull the wool over our eyes. On many occasions here!

One thing that is slightly mixed is that Salt's motivations do fly around - why is she doing what she is doing?! Is she scared that Orlov is back on the scene, causing her to panic and to protect her husband? Does she not want to 'fulfill her destiny' and does what she does to get out of it? Is she only reacting that way after what happens to her husband? It is a complex plot and will keep you thinking long after the end credits role.

The body count is high, the guns are big, it's loud, and features some fine action pieces. It also leaves a big gap for Salt 2. It would be good to see some more of this, mos def.