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Rising again - horror is hitting home at the Box Office

Image credit: Warner Bros With the highly anticipated Evil Dead Rise (2023) doing an astounding turn at the global Box Office -$86.5 million to date - there's always an air punch when horror hits home and gets the recognition it so rightly deserves from international audiences. We also saw it recently with Terrifier 2 (2022). In hard and confusing times, being scared can offer the ultimate form of escapism for a couple of hours. Word of mouth carries well and nowhere is faster than social media. We know how the buzz around 'the bedroom scene' and people fainting and throwing up in cinemas built online around Terrifer 2, and most of us have probably heard by now about the infamous cheese grater scene in Evil Dead Rise. Horror at the movies is a chance to share a collective shock, a time to scream together, to ughhhhhh together, and to laugh when you come through the experience. It's a theme park ride, and it's brilliant to see audiences embracing it, post-pand

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