Jumper - Director: Doug Liman (2008)

Doug Liman of The Bourne Identity and Mr & Mrs Smith does a good job with his direction of teleporting action flick Jumper but can't save this utterly emotionless and boring movie. I was wishing its 88 minutes away so I could go to bed. And put my apple crumble in the fridge.

The problem with Jumper is that, despite a promising concept, it relies too much on, err, 'jumping' and locations; oooh, I've jumped on top of the Sphynx...now I'm in Rome!...hang on, I'm on Big Ben...I left my heart in Tokyo! (I think it was Tokyo)...me thinks they put too much into the big budget rather than the script or DECENT actors.

Well, tell a lie, we do have Samuel L.Jackson in it. He does a star turn as 'jumper hunter' Roland but it's never quite clear why he's after the jumpers. Our protagonist David (Hayden Christensen) has been jumping since he was five but still can't get a personality. Hayden's yet to prove himself to me in any film, he lacks charisma and really doesn't make me care about his characters. Love interest Millie (Rachel Bilson) is nice enough but really doesn't react the way you'd expect someone to react if you found out your boyfriend was, like, some kind of, like, teleporting freak or something...Jamie Bell as jumper Griffin is pretty good actually, he puts in a good performance and at least brings some excitement and balls to a snooze-fest.

Still, I'd like to visit Egypt now. Good tourism promotion. And spot Twilight/New Moon hottie/moodie Kristen Stewart in an early role as 'door opener/possible sister of David'.