The House Bunny - Director: Fred Wolf (2008)

Despite our protagonist Shelley (Anna Faris) being a Playboy bunny, this is actually a very respectful and sweet rom-com about 'finding yourself'...and there's no boobies...(our male audience turns off the DVD)...

Shelley gets tricked out of the Playboy mansion and finds a home with a bunch of misfit sorority girls, where she sets about making them popular in order for them to keep their threatened sorority house. It's cute; with Anna Faris putting in an instantly likeable performance as the bubbly and dappy bunny. It's also quite funny too with some silly jokes about a pensioner's heart rate in a care home when Shelley walks in and lots of prank falls and visual comedy.

The nerdy sorority girls are really good too; you've got the geek, the quiet one, the butch one, the 'assisted needs' girl...although a skit with a pig is direct from Revenge of the Nerds! Still, all sorority films need pigs running through the house...

And yes, Hef does make an appearance along with Kendra, Holly and Bridget. With their clothes on.