2012 - Director: Roland Emmerich (2009)

As a popcorn blockbuster spectacular kind of movie, 2012 delivers. If you appreciate the world coming to an end in the most apocalyptic fashion (Las Vegas burns and disintegrates, India is crushed in a giant tsunami, LA cracks with a huge earthquake), then you'll be happy. But that's about all it is; big ass special effects on a whacking great budget. Sometimes, however, you just pay to see that...I'm happy with that...but the first half until we really get going is deathly boring. We want to see the boom boom boom.

The trailer for the film is slightly mis-leading; I would have thought we'd have learnt more about the Mayan prophecy of the world ending in 2012 but it goes straight into worldwide politicians knowing that the heat is on and preparing 'spaceships' for the best in the gene pool to survive. Woody Harrelson's character Charlie, a conspiracy theorist, is good fun ranting and raving that the world is soon to come to an end. There are also 'good' performances from John Cusack, Amanda Peet and Danny Glover. But that's just it...they're good...okay...but nothing spectacular. Leave that for the fire balls and gigantic waves.

Kudos goes though to the lovely little Japanese Chin who manages to avoid various scenarios of impending death throughout the movie. Well done little fella!