Midnight Cowboy (1969) Director: John Schlesinger

I'm not sure why I've never watched Midnight Cowboy before. I know of it well. The John Barry score is seminal. The visuals iconic. It's a very moving picture and very progressive for its years, with so much going on in the background to Jon Voight's character Joe Buck, a naive young Texan who dreams of the bright lights and big city of New York City.

Joe Buck wants to lead the life of a hustler but he's actually not very good at it. A young boy gives him head in a cinema but has no money to pay for the act...a wealthy woman cons him into giving her money instead...he runs into Dustin Hoffman's crippled Enrico Rizzo, a con man who he strikes up an unlikely friendship with. The two become dependent on each other, out of necessity but there is also a genuine fondness there growing, especially on Joe's side. What happens at the end is the ultimate, tragic symbol of bromance. A frustrating ending to say the least as you want to know what happens to Joe. Nevermind. I have a feeling that all was okay.

The first X-rated film to win as Oscar, Midnight Cowboy offers some flashbacks into Joe's disturbing background in Texas; the gang-rape of Joe and his then girlfriend, Annie. The film is actually very comedic but these dark, dark parts go a long way in determining Joe's vulnerability and actions.

It's a masterpiece. And Jon Voight is tremendously handsome.