Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) Director: Steve Pink

Do you like squirrels being projectile vomited on? Hand soap/semen on face gags? Breasts? Infantile toilet humour? Then you'll love Hot Tub Time Machine! This is two hours of my life I WILL NEVER GET BACK. I hate you...I hate you!

However, Hot Tub Time Machine is a bit like a car crash on the motorway. You don't want to look may even have a giggle. You sick f**ks.

Here's what I like about Hot Tub Time Machine.

1) It does what it says on the tin. It's a Hot Tub Time Machine! Back to the 80s! Boom!
2) It harps back to the glory days of Revenge of the Nerds. In fact, we have a loser, gross-out character in a leather jacket in it, just like Booger.
3) The squirrel being puked on was actually quite funny.
4) Craig Robinson, as Nick Webbber, gives a knowing wink to the camera in a self-reflective way.
5) There is a Chevy Chase cameo. 80s nod.
6) The film ends with Motley Crue.
7) It kind of knows it is shit.

But it could have been so much better! It's basically made for virgins and Nuts readers.

As one colleague said to me, it's basically made for tits - it's set in a hot tub! Agreed! And you could be watching, I dunno, Terminator Salvation or something which doesn't acknowledge that it is shite.

If you want some beered-up summer madness, indulge. Just expect to feel dirty after.