Blade (1998) Director: Stephen Norrington

There aren't many films with the perfect opening, but kick-ass vampire flick Blade HAS IT; ignore the flashback gubbins about Blade's Mum dying in childbirth and move straight to the Blood Club where Traci Lords leads an unsuspecting man to the dancefloor. All the trendy clubbers are being worked up at an euphoric state by the DJ, and when that bassline hits, blood pours onto them out of the ceiling sprinkers. It is FANTASTIC! Human realises that all of his fellow dancers are vampires and just as he's about to become toast, Wesley Snipes' Blade turns up and chops up a lot of blood-suckers. It is very cool.

1998 was a time when Wesley Snipes wasn't a criminal. As Blade, he's a phenomenal precense - half human, half vampire, and after Stephen Dorff's Deacon Frost who runs the blood clubs/human 'meat markets' for vampires. 1998 was also a time when Stephen Dorff had an incredible acting future in front of him - what went wrong?! He's never looked better in Blade. But he's still a short arse.

Blade is relentless carnage at its very best; some of the special effects now look a bit dodgy but it's still a fun, bloody ride with plenty of popping heads, people looking like giant raspberries and exploding, and lots of ghoulish action. And who can forget the gross, obese vampire Pearl?! Ugh.

This is a contender for one of the best vampire movies, along with Near Dark.