Adventureland (2009) Director: Greg Mottola

Adventureland is a sweet, sweet comedy-drama set in the late 80s starring Jesse Eisenberg as James, a virgin who is looking forward to going to Columbia University to study Journalism. When James' parents say they can't financially support him anymore, he has to take a summer job at Adventureland, a local amusement park, to pay his way. And he falls in love with Kristen Stewart.

That's about it really but this is a super little film which is beautifully written, acted and leaves you with the great, big awwwww factor at the end. It's got some indie gold stars in it; Bill Hader is fantastic as always as the slightly kick-ass Adventureland Assistant Manager Bobby, and Kristen Wiig as Park Manager and Bobby's wife Paulette. We've even got Ryan Reynolds being all delicious as maintenance guy Connell, Adventureland's resident man-slut and part-time musician.

I love Jesse Eisenberg immensely, even more than Michael Cera now, in terms of playing that socially awkward but desperately cute indie kid. He's great in this, as he is in everything, interacting well with Stewart's character Em who, quite frankly, dicks him around.

Of course, there's a fab 80s soundtrack too, and Adventureland is obsessed with Falco's 'Rock Me Amadeus', which plays frequently over the amusement park's speakers. I also loved the character of Lisa P (Margarita Leivieva), the teen girl working at Adventureland that every man desires and who seems to dance seductively with her friend at every ride she works on. I think I would do the same. It makes sense.

If you want a cute and fresh intelligent indie film, Adventureland is a must. Great central performances, cool music and it sweeps you along like, well, the perfect ride.