Road Trip (2000) Director: Todd Phillips

Road Trip is one of those early 2000 gross-out comedies which comes from the success of 1999's American Pie. 1999; gosh, that makes me feel old. It's a cut above the normal drivel, especially the type of crap we get now which lacks in storyline and decency. Yes, Road Trip still has boobs (plenty of them) and french toast rubbed in an arsecrack but what makes it a bit more funny than the rest is Tom Green.

Tom Green's humour is very Marmite - you either get him...or you despise him - Road Trip is however his perfect vehicle. He plays eternal college student Barry Manilow (seriously) who narrates the sweet tale of Josh (Breckin Meyer) and Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard), long distance college sweethearts, who fall into peril when Josh accidentally mails a sex tape of him and hottie Beth (Amy Smart, the Stath's girlfriend in Crank) to her university address. Josh and his pals embark on a cross country road trip to her uni to get back the tape before she sees it.

The scenarios are risque but seem quite tame in today's standards; the usual sexual gratuity you see in slasher movies, the 'out-grossing' of American comedy through Apatow etc...In fact, it feels quite cute and innocent much as it can be with its naughtiness...and there is something rather old-fashioned about it.

It's no masterpiece but if you are looking for some cheap fun and laughs and can stand Tom Green, it's worth a watch.

2/5 popcorn bites