Alien (1979) Director: Ridley Scott

The 'alien' of Alien is essentially just a man in a suit; a bloke called Bolaji Badejo in fact. How I didn't spot this when I was a youngster (in my teens, get the police onto my parents NOW) is beyond me - you'll be telling me that Predator is a just a man in a suit next too. But even when viewing Alien in my 30s, knowing that what I believed to be cutting edge special effects at the time were actually just a Nigerian design student (fact!) in dress-up, it doesn't make Alien any less terrifying. This IS science fiction. This is edge of your seat poo-poo your pants stuff. As the bloody alien never gives up. And unlike Predator, which won't kill you if you are up the duff or slightly goody two shoes, the alien will rape your skull no matter who you are.

In 1979, this movie had people running out of the cinemas screaming. It's not surprising la la, we are in la la, oooh we best go and help this distress call on this strange la la, John Hurt gets french kissed by a la la, oh yes, I feel fine now, I think I will have some la la, I have the worst la la, SPLAT. Eeeeeeeee! (that is the sound of the baby alien zooming sans John Hurt belly and across the dining room floor)

We then descend into a deadly game of cat and Tom and Jerry really, except with acid and...yes...skull raping. Sigourney Weaver kicks alien butt as Warrant Officer Ripley as the crew around her dies. She even kicks butt when dressed in skimpy knickers and a small cut off t-shirt. This is her at her most innocent and exposed up against a silly alien who has gone to sleep. Why would the alien go to sleep? It decides to have a bit of a snooze at a critical time.

It's a seminal movie which deserves its cult status and acclaim - bring on the 3D prequel which is terrifying in its concept alone. Aliens coming atcha!

4/5 popcorn bites