Moon (2009) Director: Duncan Jones

Moon is an astonishing debut sci-fi film from Duncan Jones - aka Zowie Bowie - which is really hard to explain without giving the game away.

Sam Rockwell - who I would MARRY in an instant - is Sam Bell, an employee of the slightly sinister Lunar Industries, who is undertaking a three year contract on the moon to extract 'helium-3' from lunar soil for a clean energy resource back on Earth. Sam is totally on his lonesome apart from his faithful robot friend Gerty (voiced by Kevin Spacey) - a sweet thing who communicates by smiley face and sad face icons. Sam is spurned on by regular video messages from his wife and daughter back on Earth and is coming close to the end of his contract when...he starts seeing odd things. And I can't say any more than that. What I can say is what comes next is extraordinary, emotional and heart-breaking.

This is a beautiful little film which truly deserves the acclaim it has received. Some questions aren't answered in Moon but it will leave you wanting a hug from your husband/wife/significant other and just a little bit of a lump in your throat. Never did I think a robot showing a sad, crying face icon would get to me so much.

4/5 popcorn bites