Get Him To The Greek (2010) Director: Nicholas Stoller

I have to agree with an esteemed friend in New Zealand that Get Him To The Greek is one of the most perfect films ever made. For me, perfect in its concept but sadly not in its execution.

The premise is very simple - Jonah Hill's record company exec Aaron Green has a couple of days to bring English addiction-prone rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) from London to LA to play a comeback gig at the Greek Theatre. Simples. Beautiful. Much hilarity expected etc... Sadly this is where the film falls down - it's just NOT funny enough.

There are moments of absolute genius; Russell Brand is not even really acting, this is his life story, and he puts in a fantastic performance as the very naughty Mr Snow. The real gem is Sean 'P Diddy' Combs as record company boss Sergio, fond of deep 'mindf**king' and The Biggest Loser TV show - Sean is OUTSTANDINGLY funny and puts in an Oscar worthy Supporting Actor turn. Seriously. He is THAT damn good.

But despite star turns from the leads, great cameos from celebs such as...well, that would be telling...Lars Ulrich does show he has a good sense of humour though and gets one of Russell's best lines in the movie...and some hysterical antics in a Vegas hotel room and how to sneeze with drugs up your bottom at an airport...the film left me feeling a bit empty. Aldous isn't actually crazy or shocking enough and there's a pretty heart-wrenching scene where he admits his failings. I also defy you not to tear up when he has to say farewell to a small family member (I'm not talking about his - you know - either).

Don't let me put your off though - it's still laugh out loud funny but it can go off in those strange directions so token of Jason Segel (writer) and Judd Apatow (producer).

3/5 popcorn bites