31 scary movie moments - 7) The split screen revenge of Carrie (1976)

It’s a close call between the final shock scene of Brian De Palma’s horror classic, and when the screen suddenly splits after Carrie’s (Sissy Spacek) humiliation at her school prom…her telekinetic, bloody revenge to soon follow.
The split screen technique is a masterpiece in chills – we’ve seen all that Carrie has had to endure from her school bullies and the abuse by her mother, and her blooming powers bubbling underneath. When the screen splits, this is a daring move by De Palma which scares us – we know something really bad is coming from this unusual camera work – and it also allows us to watch the mayhem that Carrie unleashes on her classmates and teachers. She’s been pushed too far this time and we’re put into Carrie’s shoes, and into her perspective. We become the observer and Carrie. And we want revenge for her too.