31 scary movie moments - 3) Prince of Darkness (1987) dream sequences

Another of our favourite horror movies is John Carpenter’s seriously eerie Prince of Darkness. A priest (Donald Pleasence) invites a professor and his students into an abandoned church in Los Angeles to investigate a massive cylinder containing lots of mysterious green goop. EVIL goop. Local homeless people (including a great cameo by Alice Cooper) are acting very strange, creepy bugs are appearing everywhere and the group start to share the same recurring dream, where a shadowy and spooky figure appears at the entrance to the church.
There’s lots of jumpy and scary moments in Prince of Darkness, and Carpenter’s plodding score adds to the tension. The dream sequences though are the bits that really frighten us, and they’ve been sampled widely from DJ Shadow to Marilyn Manson.
‘This is not a dream…not a dream…we are transmitting from year one, nine, nine, nine…’