Please could we have Tom back

We're really confused. Really, really confused. On the basis of the High-Rise poster and The Night Manager, we would have put money on Tom Hiddleston being the new James Bond a few months back. But something oh so strange has happened which we can't quite work out, as well as the rest of the internet. Hiddleston's relationship in front of the cameras with Taylor Swift seems so out of character. That's just it though - we're used to him playing characters, so could this be the REAL Tom Hiddleston on water chutes and frolicking in the sea?
Perhaps it's true love and no-one can argue against that, but it just doesn't seem Hids' style; the man of mystery, the chap who wears a fine suit, the English gent. The Night Manager seemed to be an audition tape, but surely this isn't our Bond now. Damn it! Tom we wanted you.
We're now backing Idris Elba for Bond. Go 'Dris!
(it all may be a massive prank and then, whatever)