Grimsby (2016) Director: Louis Leterrier (15)

Sacha Baron Cohen is back to his best with the hilarious and completely filthy Grimsby. Bruno and The Dictator were a bit hmmmmmm and nothing will quite capture again the right time for the wonderful Borat, but with his character of Grimsby-born, council estate dwelling, England football loving Nobby he brings something quite unexpectedly endearing to the screen...mixed with teabagging, toilet humour and gigantic elephant dicks.
Nobby has been separated from his brother Sebastian (a splendidly tongue-in-cheek Mark Strong) since they were children; their parents died and Sebastian was adopted by a couple in London, whilst Nobby had to stay in the foster care system in Grimsby. Sebastian is now one of the UK's top MI6 agents and is spotted by one of Nobby's mates' mates in London; Nobby goes to the event he knows Sebastian will be at to be reunited with his brother. What he doesn't know is Sebastian is undercover at the charity fundraiser and is about to stop the assassination of philanthropist Rhonda George (Penélope Cruz). Things go a bit wrong, resulting in Sebastian going on the run and hiding in Grimsby - welcomed back at his local pub with a not so secret party.
There are some enormously funny moments, from an unspeakable elephant scene through to Sebastian being hit with poisonous darts and Nobby having to suck the poison out can guess. Star supporting turns come from Rebel Wilson as Nobby's girlfriend Dawn - mother of his 11 children with names such as Django Unchained and Skeletor - Johnny Vegas, Ricky Tomlinson, Isla Fisher, Ian McShane and John Thomson. Mark Strong is game for a laugh - you have to be when you go through so much on-screen humiliation.
The humour won't be to all tastes but it's one of the funniest comedies this year and, despite the initial protests about its portrayl of Grimsby, has its heart in the right place. You won't look at elephants quite the same way again though.
4/5 fireworks up the...ouch