Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016) Director: Mandie Fletcher (15)

Fear not Ab Fab fans, Edina and Patsy (Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley) make that tricky transition from our TV screens to multiplexes with ease, style and so many celebrity cameos you'll need to watch the film ten times to take them all in. Compared to TV to film duds like Dad's Army and Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, Ab Fab is a glorious mix of Bolly, fashion, Patsy sneers and it's actually bloody funny. Really funny.
There's the warm familiarity of seeing our dynamic duo again, along with Eddy's daughter Saffy (Julia Sawalha), ageing mother (June Whitfield) and useless PA Bubble (Jane Horrocks). Eddy is struggling to keep her PR clients, with Lulu, Baby Spice Emma Bunton and some other random stuff keeping her barely afloat, whilst her nemesis PR guru Claudia Bing (Celia Imrie) is going from strength to strength in a digital age. Patsy is still working for a fashion magazine, with the fantastic Kathy Burke as her Editor Magda - barking orders, swearing and shouting at all staff with wonderful gusto. Eddy's tipped off by Patsy that Kate Moss is looking for a new PR and will be at a fashion party hosted by the magazine, which Claudia also overhears. Cue a rush to get to Moss, one where Eddy unfortunately pushes her into the Thames. Moss is feared dead, Eddy is suspect number one and she and Patsy flee to the French Riveria.
It's all very, very silly but we could watch hours on end of Eddy and Patsy's escapades. Saunders' writing stands up for a 91 minute movie and it moves along like a breeze. There's not one moment of boredom or fidgeting. We could have done with a bit more of Eddy falling over for our liking, but the star of the show is Lumley. Just give her a BAFTA already. She is fantastic, with looks and one-liners to kill. She also makes a really good looking fella!
The whole of our cinema was also laughing. That's something you don't hear very often. It's a hoot to watch, the star-studded cameos really work (what a joy to see Christopher Biggins and Judith Chalmers!) and we only hope there's more of Eddy and Patsy's adventures to come on the big screen as they grow old...disgracefully.
4/5 was that? is that? yes, they're probably in it