Tropic Thunder - Director: Ben Stiller (2008)

Tropic Thunder is actually one of the greatest films ever made.

Nearly...I mean that...sincerely. It's so utterly idiotic and completely offensive...I loved it. Just like Borat and Bruno, it's so refreshing to have such an offensive piece of comedy to watch. Ben Stiller's complete 'retard' Simple Jack...a baby being thrown into a river...a 'pigment altered' Ozzie Robert Downey Jnr who refuses to get out of character, and the absolute cherry on top; Tom Cruise as the highly foul-mouthed, fat studio executive Les Grossman who is simply fantastic.

In a simple explanation, Stiller and the rest of the lead cast play actors who are filming a 'Nam movie which is going a bit tits up on production. They then find themselves dropped off in the territory of the heroin producing Flaming Dragon gang who they go to war with, thinking they are just extras in the movie and that's the plot. Despite their director being blown up by a landmine.

You can also play 'spot the cameo' with many famous faces popping up including Tom Hanks, Sean Penn and Tobey Maguire.

It may not be suitable for everyone - you may not get through the fake trailers at the start - but if you stick with it, this is one of the best comedy releases for a while. Stiller is well respected and it shows from the amount of stars who pop up in this movie. Downey was also Oscar nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' for his performance as Kirk Lazarus. Is his character Sgt Lincoln Osiris racially offensive? I'm sure the PC brigade hate it but it's a bit of a joke on the ludicrous nature of the film industry really. Stiller's Simple Jack actually caused more offence with disability advocacy groups in the US objecting to the frequent use of the word 'retard' in the movie. To be honest, the film rips the piss out of everyone. Just like Bernard Manning, it doesn't discriminate!