RocknRolla - Director: Guy Ritchie (2008)

I didn't understand this gangster film but I loved it. It's kind of like a Guy Ritchie version of Allo Allo, involving many of the characters looking for or having in their possession a 'lucky painting' owned by a Russian mobster...just like The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies!

With such much plot, sub plot and whitty lines flying around (some, in typical Guy Ritchie fashion, being a bit too exaggerated), it is hard to follow but all you need to know is that the excellent Toby Kebbell and Tom Hardy are in it, two of the most oustanding young British actors around at the moment. Some other well-known faces pop up too; Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton, Ludacris and Jeremy Piven.

I won't even begin on a synopsis. Just watch it. It's brilliantly entertaining and very, very funny.

And RocknRolla 2 could well be on its way. I wanna be in The Wild Bunch.