Review: Life (2017)

Mehhhhh. Life is an okay watch but there's nothing new or interesting in this sci-fi from Daniel Espinosa. The premise is a crew on the International Space Station receives a soil sample from a space probe from Mars, which contains some alien life that everyone is excited about and is called 'Calvin' by some competition-winning American school children. Calvin is smart, starts killing everyone and the ISS crew know they have to keep it away from Earth.
The references are all there - from Alien (including the red bleeping tracker in the depths of the ISS), to Gravity, to Predator, to Cloverfield (this thing has a face like Cloverfield - honest). Leads Jake Gyllenhaal (he looks puzzled to be in this film, to be fair) and Ryan Reynolds seem to be going through the motions, with only Rebecca Ferguson showing some kind of emotion as Dr. Miranda North. She'll stay with you a long time after the ending, as that does pack a punch on her character's side.
The one thing it's got going for it though - it's better than Alien: Covenant. And that's saying something.
Watch it for: Rebecca Ferguson
Watch out for: Calvin has one tight grip
5/10 deep space screams