Review: Free Fire (2016)

English director Ben Wheatley is one of our leading film talents in the UK, and Free Fire is arguably his strongest film to date. Boasting a star cast - Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Sharlto Copley, Cillian Murphy, Sam Riley and Jack Reynor all included - it's exceptional fun from start to finish, as we follow an arms deal gone wrong in a very large warehouse. And there's loads of shooting. Loaddddssss of shooting.
IRA members Chris (Murphy) and Frank (Wheatley staple Michael Smiley) meet broker Justine (Larson) at Boston's docks by an old warehouse to secure their weapons deal. Representative Ord (Hammer) turns up to introduce them to arms dealer Vernon (Copley) and his associates. Tensions rise amongst the group, with Sam Riley's Stevo not helping matters as he bottled Harry's (Reynor) cousin the night before. Harry shoots him in revenge following a confrontation and then the bullets start to fly everywhere.
Comparisons will be made to Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and it's a fair call; the beauty of this movie is the dialogue - it's a witty, spikey and clever script - and it's also incredibly cool. Set in the '70s, the clothes and the music are brilliant. The action is top notch and the bullets, when they hit, do look like they bloody hurt. The cast roll around in pain, they get shot multiple times, they take an hour+ to bleed out and it ain't pretty.
With great performances from all of the cast, Free Fire is a great action film to check out. Especially if you love John Denver.
Watch it for: Armie Hammer's look alone is well worth it
Watch out for: Jack Reynor's driving skills = revenge. Youch
7/10 '70s hip 'taches