Review: Source Code (2011)

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this film as U.S Army pilot Colter Stevens who is seemingly sent on a special mission to find out who blows up a packed train to Chicago. Colter is within a dark chamber, hooked up to a machine, where he's sent back to the train and asked to find out who the bomber is and to prevent a second bomb being set off in the city. His commanders keep sending him back in time to slowly unravel the case but the bloomin' annoying thing is his mission only lasts for eight minutes at a time - then the train blows up. Again. And again. And again. And AGAIN.
What actually happens is the machine - known as Source Code - is sending Colter to an alternative timeline, one in which he can rescue people from the train and alter the outcome. It's a bit of a complicated premise and doesn't grip enough to keep you interested in going over the bomb set-up repeatedly. The bomber's actual reveal is very weak too.
Gyllenhaal is a talented enough actor to keep you watching but the film ultimately is flat. There is, however, a surprisingly emotional ending although it will leave you scratching your head.
2/5 7:40am AGAIN
WATCH IT FOR: Jake Gyllenhaal is good to watch
WATCH OUT FOR: The Source Code machine's final reveal