Review: A Bigger Splash (2016)

Beautiful to watch, it's a shame that A Bigger Splash ultimately goes nowhere. There's a fabulous cast; Tilda Swinton plays rock star Marianne Lane, who lives on a remote Italian island with her boyfriend Paul (Matthias Schoenaerts). They are visited by her ex, music industry supremo Harry (a superb Ralph Fiennes), and his daughter Penelope (Dakota Johnson).
It's fair to say Harry is probably the most annoying house guest ever, although his joie de vivre is something to behold as well as his dancing and his fondness for getting naked. Sultry Penelope sulks and skulks around the house, ready to pounce on Paul like a preying mantis, and Marianne is just confused by Harry's return. Everyone is suspicious of each other and you can cut the sexual tension with a very expensive rock star lifestyle knife.
The film doesn't bore - there's actually something quite lovely about being swept up in the scenery of the island of Pantelleria as well as the food and drink on display. Someone makes ricotta cheese. It's just the motivations of the main characters feel a little drab, apart from Harry who is just brilliant fun. Marianne spends most of the movie in silence or whispering as she is recovering her voice and we don't know how Paul actually feels about her and whether he is attracted to Penelope. The two hour run time does fly by, although Act III is a little messy. Enjoy the look and feel of the movie and get lost in it. For that alone, it's enjoyable.
2/5 stylistic sunshine beams
WATCH IT FOR: Ralph Fiennes is a joy
WATCH OUT FOR: Ralph Fiennes naked. A LOT. Our eyes