Review: Knock Knock (2015) Director: Eli Roth (18)

Falling into the 'erotic thriller' category rather than gory horror which is what we're used to with an Eli Roth flick, Knock Knock can also be categorised firmly in the 'so bad, it's good' stable. What starts out as a terrible film actually turns out to be very entertaining, mainly to the two leads of Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bel (Ana de Armas) - playful, threatening and also completely hilarious.
You won't be able to keep you eyes off Keanu Reeves as their victim, the married and middle class Evan Webber, for all the wrong reasons. Keanu - what has happened! His acting is terrible but by the end of the film, that works out quite well with the whole 'cult' vibe of it. The first 20 minutes following him and his happy family life is unbearable, but the fun kicks in when the girls arrive at his door. Keanu's wife and family have gone away for the weekend, and he has good intentions as he helps the girls find the location of the party they're after as their phone died. But by letting them in, they're after a party of their own. One that involves torturing Evan - mentally and physically.
We realised we were enjoying this film when Genesis and Bel play a mock gameshow with a tied-up Keanu, and they torture him by making him wear headphones and playing scratchy hissy noise LOUD when he gets a question wrong. There's also a certain glee to be had from watching them screaming with laughter as they destroy his wife's precious and famous artwork, break his records and roll Evan into an open grave. It's a whole lot of dark humour. Lorenza Izzo, Roth's wife, is destined for far greater things and she's a talent to watch for the future.
There's a moral tale in here for any older man cheating on his wife in the social media age; Evan could have said no, and he didn't. And he really, REALLY pays for it. Genesis and Bel have the power at their fingertips.
3/5 don't touch Monkee. Phew