Review: Jurassic World (2015) Director: Colin Trevorrow (12)

Ignore the 'science'. Ignore the running in high heels. Jurassic World is a thrilling adventure that pays loving homage to its predecessors and also brings the franchise bang up-to-date. It's also pretty, and unexpectedly, violent with scenes akin to Predator and war movies. You'll be cheering on the dinosaurs to nibble up more and more Jurassic World tourists. It's a whole lot of chompy fun.
Twenty-two years after Jurassic Park went all wrong, ...World is a theme park and a half with a gigantic Mosasaurus which eats great white sharks for breakfast, the cheeky velociraptors are back and a fan favourite isn't far away. To keep the crowds packing in, the park decides to breed geneticially-modified dinosaurs. BADDDDDD move.
Without Chris Pratt as lead 'raptor trainer and Navy veteran Owen Grady, the film would be far worse off. Pratt - who NEEDS to be Indiana Jones in the next reboot please - is a charismatic, bonafide movie star with humour, good looks, action abilities and the stature to carry it all off. A weaker link is Bryce Dallas Howard as ...World Operations Manager Claire Darling, who really brings nothing to the table. A stronger female lead was needed to spar against Pratt.
As the pterosaurs fly in and attack and the hybrid Indominus escapes its enclosure, the film delivers. Tourists are picked off one by one, with an immense death by pterosaurs/Mosasaurus. With a crack team of armed personnel hunting them down through the park, we enter dino Full Metal Jacket where nothing is safe. There are at least two scenes where your heart will be broken for the dinosaurs *is that tears we see?*
The ending brings the mother of all dino battles, and it's truly outstanding. If you thought the original shaking cup of water in the car iconic moment was exciting, you ain't seen nothing yet.
4/5 save your margaritas first