Review: Death Walks at Midnight (1972) Director: Luciano Ercoli (18)

Featuring in Arrow Video’s ‘Death Walks Twice’ recently released box set, Death Walks at Midnight is a thrilling giallo classic that benefits from an intriguing plot, a truly horrifying centerpiece of a nailed glove, and the fabulous lead of Susan Scott/Nieves Navarro as model Valentina.
Luciano Ercoli’s direction is top class, with some great action sequences, humour (the nightclub scenes are brilliant) and focus on Scott/Navarro’s expressive eyes.
Valentina takes a hallucinogenic drug, where she visualises the vicious murder of a young woman with a nailed glove and she also clearly sees who the killer is. Is the murder all in her mind, or did it actually happen? As it starts to come together, Valentina becomes the target of a murder plot which has twists and turns around every corner.
As with Death Walks on High Heels, …Midnight’s draw is predominantly due to Scott/Navarro’s ability to keep us on the edge of our seats. She makes us care, and she’s a pleasure to watch. The style of …Midnight is also glorious, with some stunning backdrops. It’s a real touch of class, with some gory moments – you’ll have nightmares about the horrible glove *shudder*.
3/5 giggling knife throwers