Kick-Ass (2010) Director: Matthew Vaughn

There are many reasons why Kick-Ass is wonderful and near-perfect cinema. I hope to do the film justice in this review.
1) The screenplay - I think Matthew Vaughn's a bit of an idiot myself (let's put my wife on a billboard in the film!), but his screenplay with Jane Goldman is SO COOL - a perfect three Act structure that gives immense pay-off at the end. It sweeps you along with it; lively, colourful and pretty funny.
2) The violence - The Daily Mail hated Kick-Ass. It's 'dangerous''s 'offensive', if you can't distinguish between real life and comic book violence, you are a bit of a doofus. Hit Girl, an 11 year old, err, hit girl, slices and dices her way through the baddies. And they deserve it. They really do. It was also quite fun to see Dexter Fletcher get squashed in a big compressor and a man blow up in a giant microwave.
3) Nicolas Cage - Nicolas Cage is bonkers. Big Daddy is one of his greatest characters (along with Bad Lieutenant) - the witty dialogue bounces between him and his daughter Hit Girl and I defy you not to cry when...well, I cried. Cried like a baby. Which leads to:
4) The final fight - I wanted to cheer at the end! It was heart-warming amongst all of its carnage.
5) Morality - Kick-Ass is just a 'normal' teen; Dave (Aaron Johnson - HOT) who is sick of being picked on, and decides to fight back. He chooses to wear a slightly rubbish costume and in his first crime-fighting endeavour, ends up in hospital with permanent nerve damage. Kick-Ass is a rubbish crime frighter and keeps getting hurt. If I decided to become a crime fighter, I may be 10% better than Kick-Ass but still a wuss. However, when he chooses to get involved in a gang fight - three against one bloke - his moral call to them rings true; three against one, that's not very fair. He stands up against them as he sees injustice in front of him. One on one - equal odds. Three against one - jump in. We could all learn a little bit from Kick-Ass about bullying and anti-social behaviour. Stand up for people...and don't walk by.
6) The end - it promises more Kick-Ass. And more Red Mist. Exciting.