Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009) Director: Ti West

The worst film I have ever seen is a pretty strong, bold statement. The fact that I was calling this film "Cabin Fever 2: Spring Prom" up until five minutes ago also does not bode well, as I didn't take it in that it actually had a different name. This film is thoroughly offensive and anyone who likes it - well, I worry about you. Please tell me if you like it, right?

I'm no Daily Mail reader (okay, you know me - I *heart* their what causes cancer, cute animals and celeb gossip web stories) but I don't really enjoy films that insult my intelligence by using gross-out humour to humiliate women. Joshua Malkin, the screenwriter behind this tripe, has made this movie for virgin teen boys who go 'huh huh huh' a la Beavis and Butthead when there is a fanny joke or a fat girl having sex in the school swimming pool. This film completely sucks ass; the humour is idiotic, the gore is poor and it descends into a complete farce.

It's a shame as Cabin Fever was actually a good film - teens out in the woods get a flesh-eating virus. The ending paved the way for Cabin Fever 2, it seemed like a good idea but this is crass and very annoying when the initial concept had such potential. The flesh-eating virus gets into the water system, is then put into bottled water which makes its way over to a high school just in time for prom night. It could have been soooo good! What we get is crap acting, a crap script, some really crap prosthetics, offensive humour about female body parts and a film that just doesn't make sense. I'm sure they're trying to make a statement about Columbine at one point too but it doesn't come through.

Two things about the film I 'enjoyed'; 1) the cutesy, kooky opening and end credit animation about the journey of the water and what it does to people, set to some hillybilly music, 2) Giuseppe Andrews as Winston, the totally inept sweary and stoner cop. He was quite funny.

Because of him and the cartoons this film gets 1/5. A very, very poor excuse for a horror show. It's also interesting the film's own Director has now DISOWNED the movie.