Choke (2008) Director: Clark Gregg

Choke is a curious and very funny black comedy about Victor (Sam Rockwell), a sex addict and a con-artist who intentionally chokes in restaurants - getting money out of his rescuers by forming relationships with them. It is a strange film as it doesn't really go anywhere; it trudges along with Victor in a series of increasingly bizarre scenarios and follows closely his relationship with his dying mother (Anjelica Huston). He may or may not be the half-son of Jesus and he may or may not have had his ear ripped by a lynx in his youth.

Despite a lack of clear direction, the film is very enjoyable and actually very naughty; Sam Rockwell as a sex addict is probably my dream come true and we see him doing some very Rude-y Huxtable things. There is one scene which is slightly uncomfortable around 'rape' - difficult to joke about naturally but Choke gets away with it.

It's worth noting the film has been adapted from Chuck Palahniuk's 2001 book of the same name, the author of Fight Club, giving it instant gravitas; if you want a slightly risque and great independent film, look no further. Excellent writing and a brilliant performance by Rockwell as always.