Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Director: Martin Brest

It's easy to forget the time that Eddie Murphy was at the very top of his game - see Meet Dave, Norbit and Daddy Day Care. Murphy in the 80s was THE MAN; outrageous, hilarious and 'shocking' at the time. Beverly Hills Cop came hot after 48 Hrs and Trading Places and was the smash hit of 1984. Mix in the best producers ever - Bruckheimer and Simpson - and music by the iconic Harold Faltermeyer and there's nothing you can diss about this film. It's the perfect 80s American cop film.

Murphy plays Detroit detective Axel Foley, talented but reckless, who goes to Beverly Hills to investigate the hit on his best friend Mikey. Along the way, he gets into lots of scrapes with the Beverly Hills police force and wisecracks his way out of trouble. It's still very funny, including skits in a Beverly Hills Hotel where he blags a suite and pretending to be the gay lover of the guy he's investigating at a private member's club. Time has stood up well, it's a very enjoyable romp.

Here's the trailer which is still wonderful. The 80s were fantastic.