Jennifer's Body (2009) Director: Karyn Kusama

Jennifer's Body is a confused film, meaning it's not sure what it wants to be. It could have been SOOOOO good - Megan Fox devouring boys as a demonic goddess - but ends up leaving us a bit Jennifer's poor dead body...

It's not 'horror' enough to be true's not a revenge's not High School Musical...and it's not a what on earth is it? It's a curious and witty film, featuring great one-liners written by Diablo Cody, but the concept of Jennifer's Body is indeed more satisfying than seeing it manifest on screen.

The story revolves around Needy (Amanda Seyfried) who is best friends with Jennifer - Fox - an odd coupling as Jennifer is the high school hottie and Needy is a nerd. In 90210, these guys would NOT be hanging out. It gives the movie a strange feeling from the off-set. Needy and Jennifer go to a rock gig by Low Shoulder who are desperate to rise to the ranks of fame of Maroon 5. Rather than work hard in the music industry, they decide to sacrifice a virgin to Satan and - very wrongly - select Jennifer. Who isn't a virgin. Hence why she comes back to Needy's kitchen and spews up black blood all over the floor - sacrificing non-virgins means they come back as demon creatures, desiring hot boy flesh as an evening snack, you see.

We want Jennifer to go all bad ass on the nasty boys of her town but she actually ends up killing more of the good guys than dicks. Annoying. Needy' kill her best friend is also confused as she starts to realise that Jennifer hasn't really been her friend all along. There are so many holes in the plot and desperate claws trying to make this movie into a cult classic. Despite that, it is an enjoyable tale and if you take it for popcorn fodder, it does its trick. Plus it's also funny to see Jennifer ask for a tampax when she gets staked through her chest. And those bad band boys get their just desserts - keep watching to the end - it doesn't pay to want to be Maroon 5.

2/5 popcorn bites.