Bruno (2009) Director: Larry Charles

Ich ve-relly enjoyed this film by fashionista und presenter of Funkyzeit - Bruno - but ich think dat this film is not for every kinder.

Bruno is an absolute riot. I'm not easily offended so I love the humour of Sacha Baron Cohen - a genius, in fact. He shows people up for what they are; some great examples in this film are manic pushy parents who'll let their children operate heavy machinery or dress up as Nazi babies to make a buck or the homophobic terms slung around so casually and easily by American citizens...and politicians.

Fashion journalist Bruno falls out of favour in Europe by wearing a velcro outfit to a fashion show and getting tangled up in a curtain on the catwalk. He goes to LA to make his fortune, trying to pitch a TV show to a network (featuring the best male full frontal nudity ever committed to film), get famous via a sex tape (oh dear lord), taking a quick trip to the Middle East to try and get kidnapped by terrorists (your leader 'King Osama' looks like a dirty wizard or a homeless Santa) and adopting a baby from Africa like Brangelina and Madonna (he's got a real African American name - OJ). And let's not forget Bruno contacting ex boyfriend Milli of Milli Vanilli through a medium.

Baron Cohen is BRAVE and fearless and Bruno is absolutely hysterical and bold - if you are not easily offended. This movie IS highly offensive...but it's just my kind of humour. Even if a lot of it is more 'staged' than the brilliant Borat, it really doesn't matter; Baron Cohen is so clever and excellent at getting unbelievable reactions from his subjects, every minute is priceless and captivating. And like Borat, Bruno has a lot to same about human nature. He exposes the flaws in us and creates a likeable and outrageous character who we'd like to see more of. But, of course, we can't. That's the beauty of what Baron Cohen does. You can only do this once...

Mark my words, Baron Cohen has someone snapping at his heels too; the wonderful Kayvan Novak...aka Fonejacker/Facejacker. How long before Hollywood comes calling?

5/5 popcorn bites