Suspiria (1977) Director: Dario Argento

Suspiria is a 1977 supernatural/horror classic from the master of 'giallo', Dario Argento. It is completely bonkers.

From the start, the terrifying score by 'The Goblins' (basically, lots of scary music plus screaming and wailing) gives you a taste of things to come. The plot - well, it's pretty difficult to explain - but it involves an American ballet dancer called Suzy (Jessica Harper) who gets a place in a prestigious ballet school in Frieburg. Arriving at the school in the dead of night in the WORST STORM EVER, she sees a girl run out of the ballet academy into the woods. Later, she finds out - following brutal murder of said girl - that the academy may not be all it seems. There's more bizarre deaths of a blind pianist and another dancer - who falls into a nasty trap of barbed wire - and the academy's secrets are unfolded as we find out it's actually run by a coven of witches. Of course. And the head witch is ages old, grey and whistles through her nose when she's asleep. She also looks like Zelda from Terrahawks.

If you can follow the bizarre plot, the bad dubbing and's a gem. Argento's use of colour is exceptional and he is a real visionary. The music is totally unsettling and wild and the movie ends with the screams of dying witches which is possibly the most haunting thing EVER. Just don't question the plot too much and enjoy it for its Argento madness, wonder and true horror. From what I thought was intially dire, Suspiria turns into one of the most influential horror films I have ever seen.

3/5 popcorn bites