I Love You, Man (2009) Director: John Hamburg

I Love You, Man is sweet, likeable but distinctly un-memorable. It's great popcorn fluff and raises a few chuckles but ultimately isn't something you're going to watch again and again.

It wouldn't be as likeable without the solid comic performances of Paul Rudd as Peter Klaven, a real estate salesman who is just about to get married but doesn't have any close male friends, and Jason Segel as Sydney Fife, an investor who he clicks with and establishes a heavy 'bromance'...much to the annoyance of his wife-to-be. Sydney's heart is in the right place but he's a bit misfortunate in his social airs and graces, picking fights with the Incredible Hulk and telling Peter's friends and family that his fiancee doesn't 'give back'. Ouch.

There's some pretty crude stuff packed in there to appeal to teen and twenty something guys but what was also highly distracting was the complete lack of shame in product placements, something you see in 'smaller' budget movies - so many name drops...perhaps it just bugs me and other people don't pick up on it.

You can see the ending a mile off but if you want a warm, light-hearted 'bro-com', this is a good one to pick. It's harmless, frivolous fun.