No Country for Old Men - Directors: Joel and Ethan Cohen (2007)

The tagline of this superb crime thriller is: 'There are no clean getaways'...whilst you are always hoping for the most 'cheerful' outcome in this Cohen Brothers film, deep down you know that it's not going to work out for the best.

No Country...grips you from the very start. Trailer trash Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) stumbles across a drug deal gone VERY wrong whilst out hunting; corpses (Mexicans and dead dogs), a near-death Mexican begging for water and two million dollars in a satchel. C'mon, what would you do? Of course you'd take the money. But as Moss is a kind man, his conscience makes him return to the scene in the dead of the night to bring the man water. And that's where he makes his fatal mistake. If you find two million dollars, you just get the heck out of there...don't look back...leave the country. As he then encounters Javier Bardem's ruthless hitman Anton Chigurh...and boy, you don't want to mess with him.

Bardem puts in an extraordinary performance as the psychopathic Chigurh and quite rightly won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. This man decides fates on the toss of a coin...he indiscrimantly shoots birds...and people through the head...he has been hired to find the money and he will stop at NOTHING to get him. He's absolutely chilling.

You really think Moss is going to get away with it. And his wife, Carla Jean (Kelly Macdonald), who is really an innocent party in all of this. But Chigurh...he won't stop...he is a human Terminator...once he has you in his sights, you're dead.

Just see it. It's incredible.