Mirrors (2008) Director: Alexandre Aja

Mirrors is a really bad film. I thought I liked it when I watched it, then the ending annoyed me immensely and in hindsight, it's pretty awful. Most of their budget is spent on three major gross-out scenes; a man slitting his throat, a woman pulling off her own jaw (oh Amy Smart, why why why) and a nun exploding. Yes, an exploding nun.

It rips off loads of other films like The Sixth Sense and even reminded me a bit of Saw in some of its sinister ways. Kiefer Sutherland does an okay job as troubled ex-cop Ben Carson who gets a night job as a security officer for a burnt down department store site. Why would anyone be employed to guard a burnt out department store? Inside, the mirrors seem to have lives of their own. This is because they are possessed by a demon or some demons or something.

Mirrors are a typical horror film fare; they are used to show us something that our primary character or lead may not be seeing...to cause a jump or a scream...to show 'another side' to a person...but the shocks that these mirrors brought were second-rate, second-hand and pretty much boring. They also showed a boob of a melting woman just because they thought 'it's a horror film, we'd better show a boob'.

Don't waste your time on this one.