Coming Soon: Gangsta - October 2018

Released in cinemas and digital HD on 19 October 2018 in the UK, and hotly followed on DVD to buy on 29 October 2018, Gangsta follows a group of hapless underdogs who bite off more than they can chew in a wannabe gangster story filled with outrageous humour and chaotic gangland violence alike. It's rumoured to be linked to Beverly Hills Cop 4 - intriguing!
It stars Matteo Simoni (“Marina”), Nora Gharib (“The Team”), Saïd Boumazoughe and Junes Lazaar (“De Bunker”)
There's an energetic soundtrack including Flemish electro and rap and a visual style lit with flashes of neon and adorned with tributes to video games of a bygone era.
Thanks to Signature Entertainment and Fetch Publicity for the info.