Review: The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

An intelligent British post-apocalyptic zombie flick, The Girl with All the Gifts introduces us to the ‘hungries’ – humans infected by a devastating fungal disease which makes them all so chompy. Humanity’s only hope is from a group of ‘hungry’ children who are able to think, learn and interact with survivors but will still kill if the flesssssh cravings overwhelm them. The children are imprisoned and schooled at an army base, with Dr Caroline Caldwell (Glenn Close, in a brilliant role) experimenting on them to try and find a vaccine. Alas the outside hungries invade the base, and a merry group of survivors with young protagonist Melanie (Sennia Nanua – tremendous) have to flee. They make their way to a very I Am Legend looking London.
…Gifts is a great watch with some genuinely terrifying moments – we see the same old run of the mill zombie clichés again and again, but this film brings new ideas and some real jumps. A group of hungry children the survivors encounter in London are particularly nasty, and don’t get us started on the hungry baby in a pram. THING OF NIGHTMARES.
It’s also a good, old fashioned quest movie – we’re on the move to find a safe base and a cure – and the leads are all very likeable, with you caring about their fate. Sennia Nanua is a star on the rise for sure, and you want Melanie to survive despite everything that is in her path. Will Dr Caldwell kill her for the cure/will Melanie sacrifice herself for humanity?
Watch it for: It's a zombie film with real brains (mmm, brains)
Watch out for: That horrific baby. JUST, NO