Review: Get Out (2017)

Jordan Peele's Get Out is an exemplary horror comedy featuring an outstanding performance by lead Daniel Kaluuya as tormented boyfriend Chris Washington. Chris is an up and coming, young black photographer who agrees to meet the parents of his white girlfriend Rose (Girls' Allison Williams) at their countryside estate. On arrival, he is greeted warmly but then meets some very strange folk indeed. The warm welcome turns very unsettling but to say any more would be to give the game away; it's best to watch Get Out spoiler free. All we can say is there's a very odd game of bingo.
With old school Hammer/70s horror vibes and a sinister undertone of The Stepford Wives, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Rosemary's Baby, Get Out takes these horror classics and puts them bang into the contemporary arena with a movie that addresses racism in such a clever way. It's also worth giving big kudos to Lil Rel Howery as Chris' best friend Rod, the comic relief of the film and a character that has the huge responsibility of looking after Chris' prized, cute dog. We all fear for pets in horror movies, right?
Peele builds the tension brilliantly - you'll be shouting at the screen in Chris' moment of realisation of the horrors revealed before him - and when the denouncement comes, you'll be wanting it soooo badly.
Watch it for: Daniel Kaluuya is fantastic
Watch out for: Death by taxidermy