Review: Personal Shopper (2016)

When a movie is booed at Cannes, we usually take that as a seal of approval. That’s what happened to Oliver Assayas’ Personal Shopper at the festival in 2016, a haunting and beautiful film that gets under your skin. It’s not a 'horror' horror but there are ghosts. Kristen Stewart’s Maureen is a personal shopper to the stars in Paris, but she’s also a medium and wants to make contact with her dead brother Lewis. They both share the same genetic heart condition, from which Lewis died.
Mourning oozes from every pore of Maureen and Stewart is captivating throughout the 110 minutes. You can’t take your eyes off her. Some will find the film VERY slow but there is that special something that hooks you. It’s delivered with style and a sense of otherworldliness. As Maureen glides sullenly (and we know Stewart does sullen well) from Paris to London to pick up exquisite clothes and jewels for her rich client, it’s juxtaposed against the darkness of the ‘haunted’ house of her late brother where she is desperately trying to make contact with him. And things do go bump in the night, in the style of a Japanese horror movie.
The dénouement takes us to Oman and leaves everything a bit open to interpretation but this is a strange little film that is definitely worth checking out for Stewart’s performance alone. It’s daft, spellbinding couture.
3/5 sequinned spooky things
Watch it for: Kristen Stewart is just wonderful
Watch out for: The ghost in the house - ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!