Review: Cafe Society (2016)

Set in the '30s, Woody Allen's Cafe Society looks glorious but is very light on substance. Like any Allen film, part of the beauty is just being absorbed by it yet there's little going on here that holds the attention. Jesse Eisenberg (playing Allen, if Allen was young again) is Bobby Dorfman, who wants to do 'something' with his life and moves from New York to Hollywood to seek work with his movie talent agent mogul uncle Phil (Steve Carell). Bobby falls in love with Phil's secretary Veronica (Kristen Stewart), not knowing that she's actually having an affair with his married uncle.
This is a movie about choices. Veronica has to make a choice between Bobby - the young and the risky - or Phil - rich, older and boring. Her choice moves the film back to New York, where Bobby ends up running a night club where the powerful and $$$$ of 'cafe society' hang out. Enter Blake Lively, as glamorous divorcee Veronica (another Veronica!). And then Bobby needs to make a choice. Although when Blake Lively is involved...seriously?!
It's not one of Allen's finest works but if it's fluffy and frivolous you want, look no further. The attention to detail, the locations and the clothes are all sumptuous. The leads are good. It's just the story that isn't so great.
2/5 frothy coffees
Watch it for: It is wonderfully shot
Watch out for: A few brutal executions!