Review: The Fate of the Furious (2017)

From racing classic cars in Cuba to dodging missiles fired by submarines in Russia (filmed in Iceland), Fast 8 is the most OTT of the phenomenal F&F movie franchise and it's enormous fun. As an action flick, it's up there as one of the best in the genre and is a hoot from start to finish. Bald men currency has never been so good either.
One of the reasons the Fast films work so well is the stellar cast, who gel brilliantly and bounce off each other. We get The Rock, Vin Diesel and The Stath, with popular cast members Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez and Nathalie Emmanuel - this time mixed up with cyber baddie Charlize Theron and a few surprise cameos. Paul Walker is missed and there is a touching nod to him, but you can see they're gearing up Scott Eastwood - as agent Eric Reisner - as a new heart throb. All are great value and Jason Statham especially provides some great comic moments - his prison breakout and rescue mission on a plane are pure Crank and totally tongue in cheek.
Of course we also get the exotic locations - at least three - four set pieces per movie - and some ridiculous cars and vehicles that get trashed, and that's what we expect from this franchise. The plot has holes in it as big as Dwayne Johnson's muscles but forget about that. This is popcorn entertainment that never gets boring. We'd happily have this franchise run and run, and there's at least two more movies confirmed right up until 2021.
4/5 ear plugs please
Watch it for: OTT and loud, take it for what it is. HUGE FUN
Watch out for: Jason Statham. He's bloody brilliant