Review: Hell or High Water (2016)

And the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award goes to...Chris Pine's moustache! This should really happen in February but we'll happily take Jeff Bridges - who has been fairly nominated for his fantastic turn in this riveting film - as the winner. Seriously, you need to check out Hell or High Water. It's a thrilling neo-Western crime thriller about two bad ass Texan brothers who rob banks - for moral reasons, honest.
Ex-con Tanner (Ben Foster, who really should have got a Best Actor nod too) and his brother Toby (an oh-so-handsome Chris Pine. More Chris Pine looking like this, pleeasssseeeeee) are robbing branches of Texas Midlands Bank to pay off a huge family debt from their recently deceased mother. Her ranch is in debt due to a reverse mortgage from the bank, and Toby is keen to pay off the mortgage to ensure his two estranged sons have a comfortable life. Their bank robberies become increasingly violent, led by Tanner, and hurtle towards bloodshed.
Hot on their tails is Jeff Bridges' Texan Ranger Marcus Hamilton and his partner Alberto (Gil Birmingham); Hamilton is a grumpy, humourous old git who is close to retirement, constantly berating his partner who he's actually very fond of indeed. They wisecrack and grump their way through Texas after the brothers, before things turn darker.
Hell or High Water is a movie that grips you from the start, and also has glorious cinematography. It's as much a love story to sepia tones and hot, hot heat as well as being a moral tale about gun laws and the financial system in the US. All the main cast are outstanding, with Pine coming into his own and maturing as an actor. He's boldly going where he hasn't gone before (apologies).
5/5 beautifully shot and captivating
Watch it for: The scenery of Eastern New Mexico, where it was actually filmed
Watch out for: The inevitable bank robbery 'gone wrong'