Review: Silence (2017)

Martin Scorsese's 161 minute 17th-century Japanese epic is not one for the fidgety but if you allow yourself to become absorbed in the beauty of the filmmaking, it's a very rewarding watch and story.
Andrew Garfield and the superb Adam Driver (Adam Driver in EVERYTHING please) play Jesuit priests who travel from Portugal to Japan to find missing priest and mentor Father Cristóvão Ferreira (Liam Neeson). It is a dangerous journey as Christianity is being wiped out in Japan, with mass executions of those who follow the religion and do not apostatize including priests. They seek the assistance of shambolic Japanese guide Kichijiro (an excellent Yōsuke Kubozuka) who is fighting his own demons; his entire family were executed for being Christians, whilst he apostatized and got away with his life. Whether he can be trusted or not comes to light as the film plays out.
The priests - the 'Padres' - quest is lengthy but the quality of the story allows you to become part of the harrowing tale and as its just such a glorious film to watch, you don't mind that it takes its time getting there. There are moments of absolute brutality - the torture scenes of the Christians are very upsetting indeed - but this is an intelligent and visually astounding film. It's also one of Andrew Garfield's best performances.
4/5 a feast for the eyes
Watch it for: Adam Driver. Of course
Watch out for: The pit